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Automate your software builds with the Build Automator!

What is the Build Automator? The Build Automator is a tool to automate the process of creating new versions of software and making them ready for use. This process includes compiling code, copying files and compiling install projects.

With the Build Automator it is easy for you to create projects that take care of all the details involved in creating a new version. You can break the project up into practical sections that can be executed individually.

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So much more than just a compile manager!
  • Save time and money by automating a process that tends to be boring and error prone
  • Automatically document the process reducing the risk of costly delays
  • Eliminate the need for complicated batch files and the knowledge needed to work with them!
  • Create new builds quickly, easily and painlessly
  • Never again forget a step in the build process
  • Break the process of creating new builds into practical sections that can be executed individually or together
  • Save hours when you automate copying files, compiling code, backing up files, compiling installs and anything else
  • Super-easy interface, no scripting necessary. You don't need to be a programmer to use the Build Automator!
  • Works with Clarion 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10!
Build Automator

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What our customers say... Latest Blog Entries
"I use the Bo_resc fro Comsoft7... works great. Then I have a separate Setup Builder compile that I use to just add the manifest and code signing to all my apps at once. Then I use IQ Sync to copy my files to the folders getting ready for the final Setup Builder installation.

All of this is done with a mouse click using Build Automator.

I realize I do a lot of work trying not to do a lot of work :)"
Ray Rippey, USA

"We have been using Build Automator for right at a year now. I don't know how we did business without it. Well, yes I do. It was much more manual and required much more manual intervention. Basically, we've retooled our entire product release model around Build Automator. We couldn't live without it. It's that simple."
Rick Smith, USA
"I do have to congratulate you on the general aesthetics of the Build Automator. Apart from what the Build Automator can actually do, I find the interface to be very appealing."
Geoff Spillane, Australia
"I would like to compliment you on a great product and great idea. The Build Automator will help us out tremendously. After looking at the list of features on the horizon, I'm excited about the future for the product also.

I have also been impressed with your great customer service! Like always, you have been very responsive to all issues I've contacted you on."

Shane Peterson, USA

"I'm not in the habit of recommending products, but if you're not using a build tool now, or are looking for a new one, I think Build Automator is worth some time checking out." - Read more...
Scott Kane, Australia

Feb 23 Build Automator 2016 build 6.2.1359 released
Dec 08 Build Automator 2015 build 5.12.1344 released
Sep 18 Build Automator 2014.4.9.1326 released
Sep 18 Build Automator 2014.4.9.1325 released
Jun 15 Build Automator Webinar recording

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