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7Zip license

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7Zip is distributed with Build Automator.  You are free to use it as you like by calling it from Build Automator.  For more information about 7Zip, please visit the website at www.7-zip.org You can get more information about 7Zip as well as download the source code at the Open Source page on Sourceforge7-Zip is licensed under the GNU LGPL license


The version distributed with Build Automator 4.9 is version 9.2 from November 2010.  There are just two files, 7z.dll and 7z.exe, total of just about 1MB.  Note that the 7z.exe is a command line console program only, it is NOT the full Windows version of 7Zip! 


For information about the command line switches, please visit http://7zip.bugaco.com/7zip/MANUAL/syntax.htm

Direct link to this page: http://www.buildautomator.com/onlinemanual/7zip_license.htm