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Data Conversions

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At some points the data may need to be converted, due to changes in program and data structure.  This is a list of the data conversions:


From Version 1.50.1212

This conversion is a critical conversion.  It converts all the .PATN files that are in the project folder into the .aprj file which contains the project data.  All string data is now stored in CDATA sections in the .aprj XML file and this prevents a lot of problems that we had with keeping all those files in perfect sync during operations. 


What happens during this conversion?


1.  The .aprj file is copied to .aprj_v0 file indicating a backup file for version 0 to version 1 conversion.

2.  The .avar file is copied to .avar_v0 file.

3.  The .patn files in the data folder are combined into the .aprj file. 


This process is NOT optional and is run when you open an existing project that hasn't been coverted and saved.  If you do not save the project once it is converted it will be converted again.  The process is completely automatic and no interaction is required. 







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