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Known Limitations

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This section applies to the latest public release, version 5.12


5.11:  Drag and drop from Windows Explorer to some windows that have file or folder entries may not work.  This should not affect any of the action windows and only happens if the entries are on tabs.  This is a bug in the Clarion runtime library that we have not been able to work around so far.
UNC filenames are not specifically supported.
The check if a project that is being opened is already in use does not currently work across networks.  Therefore it is possible for two users to open the same project and make changes to it at the same time.  Concurrency checks are not applied by the Build Automator so it is possible that both users could save the project and overwrite each other's modifications.
Setup Builder:  There was a bug in Setup Builder versions prior to Setup Builder 6.5 build 2000 making it impossible to reliably set the output file (EXENAME). 


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