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Project Properties

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The Project Properties are mostly set by the system when the project is created and most of those properties cannot be changed.  Currently you can set the Project Name which will be used on the project reports.  You can also set the "Allow Full Execute" which select if you want to allow the whole project to be execute or just the currently selected Project item.  By not allowing the whole project to be executed, you can easily have project items that are not really related, but may seem logical to have in one place.  This could for example be a project for backing up all files related to a certain software project.  It might not be a bad idea to have a single project for that and have multiple project items, one for each software project that you are working on.  That way you can execute the copy process for each software project without risking accidentally to set off the whole copy process which could take a long time and might not be appropriate.




Note that if you check the "Demo Project" you no longer can execute the project.  This should only be used if you want to create a project to send to someone for demonstration purposes.  The reason it cannot execute is that unless the recipient has all the tools in the project and has all the files in the appropriate places and everything is basically identical, the execution of the project could have completely unpredictable results.  Of course if you know that everything is ok, for example if you are copying files based on standard CSIDL folders or executing programs that you know exist on the recipient machine, you can share projects.  Note that for that you will need to copy both the project file (in this case new.aprj) and the project variables (new.avar)


The Explore button opens a Windows Explorer window on the folder where the project is. 


For security reasons we do not allow you to change the demo project back to a normal project.  If you make a mistake on a project that you didn't want to make a demo project please let us know and we will fix it for you.

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