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Protect with Armadillo

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This action calls Armadillo / Software Passport project. 






Armadillo Project  ROMx116_dblisttable

Select the Armadillo Project file (*.arm) that contains the protection that you want to apply.

Armadillo Action

You can do 3 things with this action, Protect, which is the default action to take, Unprotect and Clear keys.  This is equivalent to the /P /U and /C command line flags respectively.

File to Protect  ROMx116_dblisttable

This is the name of the file to protect.  We have found that at least in some versions of Armadillo you must provide the file to protect, even though it is specified in the project.  This is equivalent to the /file flag.

Buy Now URL  ROMx116_dblisttable

The URL used in the Buy Now button.  This is equivalent to the /web flag.

Language  ROMx116_dblisttable

The language used in the protection.  This is equivalent to the /language flag.


Please refer to the "Automating Protection" topic in the Armadillo help for more information.

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