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Run File

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This action is very similar to the Run Program action, except you select a file to run, not a program.  This is the same as double clicking on a filename in Windows Explorer. 






File to run  ROMx116_dblisttable

Select the file to run. 

Action to take

Normally you would use Open, but you can also use other verbs.  RunAs can be used to run programs under Windows Vista and force elevation when using UAC.  Explore can be used on a folder path and will open the folder in Windows Explorer.  Properties will open the "File Properties" window for the selected file.

Additional Param.  ROMx116_dblisttable

Add any additional parameters.  Normally this should be empty.

Startup Folder  ROMx116_dblisttable

Normally not needed, but can be used to specify the startup folder. 

Wait for Program...

Check this to force the Build Automator to wait for the called program to finish.  Note that some programs do not obey this for security reasons, including Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer. 

Direct link to this page: http://www.buildautomator.com/onlinemanual/run_file.htm