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Command Line Parameters

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The Build Automator can be called with the name of a Build Automator project file (.aprj file) to open it.  You can also add the /E flag after the filename to execute it.  Note that this changed in version 1.30.100 compared to what it was in version 1.20




The Build Automator™ can be called with a parameter that tells it to run a specific project.  Note that currently this option runs the whole project and does not respect the "Allow Full Execution" option on the project.  For example if "Allow Full Execution" is turned OFF in the project you are executing on the command line it will still execute the whole project.  We will provide an optional command line parameter that will tell the Build Automator™ what project item to execute.  This makes it easy for you to create shortcuts to specific projects that you want to execute.


BuildAutomator.exe "C:\projects\MyProject.aprj" /E


This flag tells the Build Automator Not to display the Logfile at the end of an execution process.  This is only effective if the /E flag is also used.
- added in version 1.30.150- June 24, 2008



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