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Compile Inno

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This action compiles installation projects created with Inno Setup.  Inno offers only a few command line parameters that can be used to modify it's output.






Inno Project File

The Inno Project file (*.iss) to compile.  If not overrides are specified, this will execute the Compil32.exe compiler.

Run Wizard

Runs the Inno Wizard instead of running the script.  The Wizard creates a new install script.

Wizard Name

Name used in the wizard (see screenshot below).  This will execute the Compil32.exe compiler.

Override Output...

Overrides the output path for the compiled install executable.  This is a single folder name that is used instead of Output.  This will execute the ISCC.exe compiler.

Override Base file...

This is the filename without extension to use for the compiled install executable.  This will execute the ISCC.exe compiler.

Quiet Mode

This only applies with either of the overrides are used as then the project is compiled with the ISCC.exe command line compiler.


First you need to select the Inno project file (.iss) that you want to compile. 


If you want to use Inno to create a new install script, check the "Run Wizard"  The name of the Wizard, entered in Wizard Name, will become the name of the wizard being run. 



This calls up the Wizard dialog in Inno using the "My nice wizard" as the caption and also the name in the install.  See screenshot below.



You can override the output path and the output base filename, corresponding to the /O and /F flags respectively. 


For more information about the command line options in Inno, please see the "Command Line Compiler Execution" topic in the Inno help.

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