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Copy Files - Simple

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This action can copy a single source using wildcards to one or more destinations.  You can choose to include sub folders.  Only files that match the wildcard will be copied from the parent folder as well as the sub folders.  The sub folder structure will be created in all the specified destinations.






Copy file/files  ROMx116_dblisttable

Select a file to copy.  You can enter a path name or file name into the entry field, including wildcards but you can also use the buttons on the right of the field to select a folder or a file.


Button on the left opens a folder dialog and the one on the right opens a file dialog.  Using the folder select button on the left will result in the path being placed into the "Copy file/files" entry with a \*.* extension added.  Using the file select button on the right will result in a filename being placed in the entry. 

Include sub folders

Check this to include all sub folders from the folder where the selected file is located.

Overwrite Existing...

If this is checked existing files will be overwritten if files with the same name are being copied into the destination folder.


List of one or more destinations for the file(s) to be copied to.  You can add or remove destinations by using the [+] and [-] buttons to the right of the list.


With this button you can paste a list of paths into the destination.  Note that this does not check the contents of the clipboard for valid paths.  If the listbox is selected, you can also use Ctrl-V to paste the list.

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