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Write Line to Logfile

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This action writes a single line to the log file.  The line can be formatted or not formatted.  If it is formatted the time of the write is added as well as an optional Status text.  This is a great way to get debug information about variables.








Line to write  ROMx116_dblisttable

The text you want to add to the log file. 

Add Time/Status

This formats the line.  See below for examples.

Status  ROMx116_dblisttable

Enter optional status.  This could be something like DEBUG, ERROR, WARNING, etc. 


The logfiles are written each time a project or part of project is executed.  The logfile writes are performed by two functions called WriteLogLine and WriteFormatLogLine.  The difference is in how they write the line sent to them.



Log for project:         T:\Shared Documents\Build Automator Projects\test1.aprj

Project Name:            test1

Started on:              09/15/2015 16:24:10



Line     Time         Status      Information


010 +Test Compiles

010-0005 16:24:11.153 *EXECUTE    Compile in Clarion 6.0: C:\Clarion\Apps\C63\Products\AutomatorDLL\BASupport.app -> C:\Clarion\Apps\C63\Products\AutomatorDLL\BASupport.dll

         16:24:11.480 INFO        Compiling 1 Clarion apps.

         16:24:11.668 INFO        Compile Started:  C:\Clarion\Apps\C63\Products\AutomatorDLL\BASupport.app

         16:24:19.369 ERROR       Compile failed: C:\Clarion\Apps\C63\Products\AutomatorDLL\BASupport.app

         16:24:19.384 CLAERROR      (BASup001.clw 12,2) Make error: Expected: <ID> & APPLICATION CLASS FILE GROUP INTERFACE ITEMIZE QUEUE REPORT VIEW WINDOW

         16:24:19.394 CLAERROR      (BASup001.clw 13,2) Syntax error: Illegal data type: X

         16:24:19.404 CLAERROR      (BASup001.clw 13,5) Syntax error: Unknown attribute: BYTE

         16:24:19.412 CLAERROR      (BASup001.clw 14,4) Syntax error: Illegal data type: THIS

         16:24:19.441 INFO        Compiling complete for 1 apps.



Execution ended on:      09/15/2015 16:24:19

Execution took:          8.830 seconds to execute the script.


In the example above the lines that are colored green are formatted, and the ones colored blue are not formatted

Direct link to this page: http://www.buildautomator.com/onlinemanual/write_to_logfile.htm