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Build Automator FAQ - Create Builds

FAQ Create Builds

What is a build? What does it mean?

A build is the process of creating - building - a new version of software. The complexity of this process depends on how complex the software is and how many different components it includes. Usually this involves the following steps - maybe less, but most likely more:

  1. Set version resources to a standard version number, so all dlls and exes are the same version
  2. Compile all the code for the various dll, exe and other binary files with tools such as Visual Studio, Delphi, Clarion or other development tools.
  3. Copy files for deployment
  4. Compile installs with tools such as Setup Builder, Install Shield, Setup Factory or other install creation software.
  5. Deploying installs to a web server or multiple servers.

The build process can be far more complex than this and involve version control, backing up source, updating websites, etc. etc.

The Build Automator can currently work with a variety of compilers to compile code and a variety of software install programs to compile the installs.