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Build Automator with 1 Year Maintenance Plan 99.00
1 Year Maintenance Plan renewal 55.00

Please refer to our Price Page for more information about pricing.

After your purchase, we will process your order, then email you a keycode and download information. Please be patient, it may take a few hours to process your order. If you purchased the Build Automator with the Maintenance Plan that will be included with the keycode.

If you do not receive your keycode within 24 hours, it may because of an email problem. Please be sure to add "" to your email whitelists, and email us to let us know that you are having problems.

If that happens, be sure to include alternate contact information in your email: an alternate email address, and/or a telephone or fax number.
We check our forums regularly and we strongly encourage you to post there if you have any problems.