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Build Automator FAQ - Variables

FAQ Variables

What is a variable?

Variables are used to store data. In the Build Automator they can be used for example to set version information to be used in version resource files.

In the image on the right, we used 4 variables to set the version information for the Build Automator - which of course we build with the Build Automator!

These variables are then used when we write the version resource files for our Visual C++ DLL and our Clarion dlls and the main executable. The version variables are also used when we call Setup Builder to compile the installs. This way all our dlls, exes and installs have the same version number.

Variables could also be used to store paths for files. The Build Automator comes with around 50 pre defined system variables that contain for example todays date and time as well as standard folder paths or CSIDL paths. This makes it possible for you to construct paths to copy files to based on standard folder locations, such as My Documents.

Variables can also be set to store results of various functions. See the Function Reference in the online documentation for more information and also take a look at the Set Variable action as well.