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Future Plans

Included in our Maintenance Plan are monthly to quarterly updates with new actions and new features. Registered users will receive emails when new releases are made available. We will also post on our forum when we are ready with new releases. The Build Automator can also check automatically for new updates every time it is started.

Please let us know what actions you would like to see in the upcoming releases and we will review each suggestion.

Some of the planned actions and additions include (in no particular order) Actions in italic have already been implemented:

  • Upload files to FTP server.
  • Download files from FTP server.
  • Compare files in a FTP folder to a local folder.
  • Compile Help and Manual projects.
  • Send emails.
  • Logical structures - IF/ELSE/END.
  • Conditions for action execution (acts as a one action IF statement) Included in 1.30.100
  • Rename Files. Included in 1.30.100
  • Delete Files.
  • Get version information from executable files.
  • Create AutoRun.inf/AutoPlay.inf files for CD/DVD distribution or USB drive configuration.
  • Create PAD files for software uploads.
  • Advanced Copy action with wildcard and overwrite options if date/time/size/attributes are different between source and destination.
  • Create Folders. Included in 1.30.100
  • Delete Folders.
  • Zip/Unzip files/folders.
  • Generate XP/Vista/Server 2008/Windows 7 and Windows 8 manifest files. Included in 1.30.100
  • Code sign executable.
  • Check for code signing.
  • Show code signing information from executable files.
  • Set variables action to assign values returned from various functions to variables. Included in 1.30.100
  • Add option to check/uncheck all in Action Item list on the Project Window.
  • Search locator on Variables selection window.
  • User formatting of variables.
  • Copy/Paste variables from one project to another.
  • Wait action in case some programs need specific time to shut down or time out. Included in 1.30.100
  • Compile multiple Clarion apps. Included in 1.30.100
  • Multi section/entry update of INI files.
  • Multi key/value update of registry.
  • Multi line write to log. Included in 1.30.100
  • Include projects. When included projects change, those changes are reflected in the execution of the main script.
  • Action templates - selection of actions saved to a template that can be added at any point.