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Action Files

Files with .actn extension that contain information about one of more Vendor Actions.

Project Action Files

Each action in the project has it's own Project Action file.  It's name consists of the GUID of the Project Action and a .patn extension.  These files are created by copying corresponding Vendor Action Files to the project folder which is named with the GUID of the project.  NOTE:  As of version 1.6 this is no longer the case.  The information is now stored in the Project file.


A win32 DLL that contains functions to update and execute project actions.

Call Function

A single exported function in the Plugin DLL that is called by the Build Automator™.


Integrated Development Environment.  The Build Automator™ is an IDE with plugins that integrate into the IDE.

Project Items

The Project Items group together related Action Items.  Each project item can have one or more action items.  You need to have at least one project item, but you can group and organize the project items any way you want.  There is no limit to the number of action items each project item can contain.

Action Items

Each action item performs a specific action during execution of the script.  For example copy files, create folders, upload a file via FTP.  A project item is a group of action items.







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