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Getting Started

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Once you have installed the Build Automator™ we would suggest that you create a simple project to get to know the software.  We have kept the interface as clean and simple as we possibly could to make it easy to use and easy to get around in.  We intend to stay true to that design even though the interface may change in the years to come. 


To create a new project please follow these steps:


1.Select "File | New" from the main menu
2.Navigate to the folder that you want to save the project file in and click the "Save" button
3.The Project Window will now show up, with the Project Item list on the left and the Action items in the middle and both lists will be empty.
4.You can view the Project Properties by clicking on the button farthest to the left in the Project Window toolbar. 
5.Create a new project item by right clicking in the "Project Items" list on the left and select "Add Item" from the popup menu. 
6.Press F2 or click twice on the item to change the name.  You may need to click on the item first to select it.  There is no update window for the Project Items as the only information that we need is the name (this may change in future releases). 
7.Look at the available actions in the "Actions" list on the right and double click on the action you want to add. 
8.You will get an action update window where you can specify the settings for the action.
9.To save the project use "File | Save" from the main menu or press Ctrl-S on the keyboard.
10.Right click on the Action item and select "Execute this Action" to execute this one action.  Check the Project Properties topic to read about options that affect the execution of the project.
11.Close the project by clicking the big red X up in the right corner.  If you have made changes to the project and it hasn't been saved you will be prompted to save the project.


Congratulations, you now have created your first Build Automator™ project!


For tutorials on the Build Automator™, please visit the tutorial page on our website


Webinar presentation from June 26, 2009 - 284MB


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