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Build Automator Partners

We at Icetips Creative, Inc. have a mission to support tools from other companies. In order to do that we have engaged in partnerships with various companies to make sure that we can support their products and support our mutual customers as best we can.

CodeGear - Where Developers Matter Borland Software Corporation does not need much introduction! We feel honored to have been accepted as CodeGear Technology Partner. We will do our very best to provide high quality support for CodeGear products with our Build Automator in the future.
Indigo Rose - Setup Factory and MSI Factory Indigo Rose Software Corporation has been developing award-winning software tools for a worldwide client base since 1991. Their Setup Factory and more recent MSI Factory software provide developers with easy to use tools to create software installs. We are looking forward to provide support for their Setup Factory and MSI Factory install software.
Lindersoft - Setup Builder Lindersoft is a privately held widely-recognized global provider of installation authoring and software configuration management solutions for Windows based applications. Their Setup Builder software was the first installation software that the Build Automator supported.
SoftVelocity - Clarion SoftVelocity is the maker of Clarion, the programming language and development environment that we used to write the Build Automator. We who work at Icetips Creative, Inc. have been using Clarion for our main development for close to twenty years. Softvelocity is currently working on Clarion 7 and Clarion# which is the .NET variation of the Clarion language.