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Getting Started
Integrated Environment
Create Project
Open Project
Automator Options
Update Servers
Command Line Parameters
Splash Screen
Direct Online Support
Enter Registration Key
Project Window
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Project Variables
Project Items List
Action Items List
Actions Tree
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Create Project Shortcut
Print Checklist
Print Project
Log File Viewer
Keyboard shortcuts
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Project Window
Function Reference
Format tokens
Date formats
Number formats
Time formats
Build Automator Actions
Script Actions
Build Actions
Call MS Build
Compile Clarion
Compile Inno
Compile Multiple Clarion apps
Compile SetupBuilder
Compile Setup Factory
Compile MSI Factory
Generate XP/Vista/Win7 Manifest
Protect with Armadillo
Set Variable
Execute Actions
Call DLL
Run Program
Run File
File Actions
Copy Files - Multiple
Copy Files - Simple
Delete Files
Create Folders
Rename a File
Search and Replace
Write text to file
INI/Registry Actions
Get from INI
Get from Registry
Update INI
Update Registry
Internet Actions
FTP Upload
Notification Action
Write Line to Logfile
Write Multiple lines to Logfile
Select Variable
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7Zip license
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Known Limitations

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